Each Chill Gels Soft Gel contains 25mg of full spectrum CBD oil from hemp.

This Is Why You MUST Insist on Full Spectrum CBD

CBD products come in three types. If you want to activate and refresh your ECS, then there’s only one best choice… full spectrum like Chill Gels.

  1. Isolates are 99.9% “pure” CBD. All other cannabinoids are missing. This is what researchers often use in experiments to eliminate confusion. Isolates are typical in cheap CBD products. But they have many shortcomings. Researchers discovered that regular hemp oil worked much better than isolates. The reason was that the other phytocannabinoid compounds in the hemp work with CBD to make it more effective. Scientists call it the Entourage Effect. We now know that isolates need to be used at higher doses to be effective, but if the dosage is raised too much, they became ineffective. The benefits also wear off more quickly with isolates. It’s hard to get the amount and timing right.6 If you tried a CBD product before and didn’t get results, this may be what happened to you.
  2. Broad Spectrum CBD is made by stripping all but a few cannabinoids out of hemp oil. The claim is that this creates a nice, clean product for people who cannot have any traces of THC. Broad spectrum is a fair product, but not superior. An unspoken advantage for the manufacturers is that producing broad spectrum can allow them to harvest very expensive phytocannabinoids like CBG and CBN to sell separately.
  3. Full Spectrum contains every nutrient and active compound in the hemp plant. All the other phytocannabinoids. All the terpenes (flavor and odor molecules). Plus the chlorophyll, flavonoids, and fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. Everything that makes CBD work best. Research has verified that full spectrum CBD is more reliable, stays effective longer, and is gentler on the system.7 The whole entourage is there.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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7 Gallilly, R, Z Ykhtin and L O Hanus. Overcoming the bell-sap4ed dose-response of cannbidiol by using cannabis extract enriched in cannabidiol. Pharmacol & Pharmacy, 2016 (6): 75-85.

DISCLAIMER: Talk to your doctor or health care provider to determine if Chill Gels™ is right for you and is safe to take with your medications. Do not start or stop any prescribed medication or treatment without first consulting your doctor or health care provider.